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* the prices of dishes with Truffle may vary according to the trend of the market quotations of the same


Double butter crouton, Parmesan and Norcia black truffle

€ 7,50 *

Mixed croutons combo

€ 7,00

Polenta Fioretto Cream with Mushroom Stew

€ 7,00

Sweetbreads with artichokes and Topinambur

€ 10,00

Puff Pastry and Pasta

with “Il Mulino del Dottore” stone-ground flour!

Tagliatelle with “Ragù”

€ 8,50

Tagliatelle “Antica Bologna” with giblets and sweetbreads

€ 9,50

Tagliatelle “alla Romagnola” with Parma ham

€ 9,50

Tagliatelle straw and hay with seasonal mushrooms

€ 14,00

Whole grain pappardelle with pork ribs sauce and pork ribs

€ 8,50

Whole grain Pappardelle with wild boar sausage and pumpkin

€ 9,50

Dry passatelli with Norcia black truffle and roasted hazelnuts

€ 15,00 *

Tortellini in traditional broth

€ 12,00

Second Dishes

Baked egg nectar with white truffle and potatoes mousse and crunchy breadsticks
(pannacotta with partisan cheese, baked egg yolk with zabaione consistency served in a cup to taste with a spoon)

€ 14,00*

Stuffed guinea fowl with artichokes and sausage

€ 14,00

Bolognese Cutlet with boneless veal loin, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese

€ 18,00

Sliced Beef Limousine

€ 16,00

Stewed codfish with spinach and soft foil polenta

€ 14,00

Pork cheek braised in white wine

€ 13,00

Side Dishes

Grilled artichoke

€ 7,00


€ 4,50

Baked potatoes with aromatic herbs

€ 4,50

Mineral water €. 1.50 / Nerea Mineral Water €. 2.00 / Cover charge €. 2.00

Vegetarian Dish

ALLERGIES: foods prepared in our Trattoria can contain substances called “allergens”.
NB: Some products may be frozen at origin or have been flash frozen to ensure their freshness and integrity of flavor.